Circular Saw Tension

by The Saw Doctor

Circular Saw Tension

The Circular saw blade has tension in the body of the saw. How tension works is that as the tooth edge becomes warm through the sawing operation the tension in the body of the saw moves out towards the tooth edge and keeps the tooth edge straight when sawing the timber. If there is not enough tension in the body of the saw this will cause the tooth edge to wander in the cut which The Saw Doctor calls snaking. For all of you who cut melamine board, when the saw starts chipping the top of the board this means the tension in the saw is out of alignment and will need some attention. This does not mean your saw blade is no good as this problem can be fixed.

So who are you gonna call? The Saw Doctor!

From time to time the saw will need leveling and re-tensioning, this is normal wear and tear on the saw blade as the tooth edge expands and contracts many times during the sawing operation. It’s the same as giving your car a wheel alignment so you can keep driving in a straight line.

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September 13, 2011
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