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Funny Moments as a Saw Doctor


Having a job title of a Saw Doctor has it’s funny moments.

When I was a younger whipper snapper than I am now, when I was flying home from London to Sydney via Singapore. I was sitting in a row of three seats on the plane. When I boarded the plane and found where I was sitting, the two other people were already sitting in their seats. So I sat down, made myself comfortable and started to make small talk with the other two people.

First question I asked them to break the ice was where are you from? They were both from Singapore and heading home for a short break as they both worked abroad. Since I got a response to the first question I thought I'd try my luck and ask another, what kind of work do you do? The lady sitting in the aisle seat said she worked as an anaesthetist in a Dublin Hospital, the bloke sitting next to me worked as a GP in the outer suburbs of London.

I had a little laugh to myself and then I said that I am a doctor too! They both had a weird look on their face and I said I’m a Saw Doctor. There you have it, three different types of doctors sitting in the same row on a flight, what are the chances of that happening?


August 29, 2012
Category: Saw Tales

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