Get Ready for Chainsaw Season


It’s Chainsaw Season

Autumn is now upon us, which means the cooler weather is approaching.

It means for those of us in the cooler states it’s Chainsaw Season!

Ahhh…… The smell of freshly cut wood, it sure does let you know you’re alive!!

In this edition of The Saw Doctor I would like to talk to you about the different chainsaw chain cutting teeth that are available. Maybe you will be able to improve your cutting performance by simply changing the type of tooth that you are using on your chainsaw.

Before starting with the nitty gritty about the chainsaw chain cutting teeth. I thought I would start by telling you the proper term that is used for the cutting tooth. The cutting tooth is simply known as the cutting link. Now that’s been explained it’s on with the show.

There are three different types of cutting links which are: Chipper, Semi Chisel and Chisel.
Stihl chainsaws brand their chain cutting links as Rapid Standard (Chipper), Rapid Micro (Semi Chisel) and Rapid Super (Chisel).

The Chipper Chain 

The chipper cutting link is identified by the round cutting corner. The purpose for theround corner is to make the tooth more durable. This tooth is ideal to use when cutting dry hardwoodas the tooth holds it's cutting edge longer. This tooth is not a fast cutting chain so it will not winyou any awards in a chainsaw race.                      



The Semi Chisel Chain

The semi chisel is the same design as the chisel chain only that on the cutting edge there is a chamfer on the edge of the tooth. The purpose of this chamfer is that it allows you to cut both hard dry wood and green timber. For those of you who live along the Great Dividing Range this chain is also good to use when cutting timber with ice on it.                   



The Chisel Chain

The chisel chain has a very sharp cutting point which makes the tooth extremely fast when cutting. The cutting speeds are achieved as the sharp cutting point minimises friction when cutting. This type of cutting tooth is ideal for cutting both hardwood and softwood. For this chain to cut efficiently it is important to maintain the correct sharpening angles.                           

I’m a fan of the Chisel Tooth Chain which cuts the wood effortlessly with superb cutting results. The only downside to this type of tooth is it’s not real suitable for cutting old railway sleepers as the cutting point dulls quickly with all the dirt that has accumulated in the sleeper over the years. The ideal choice of chain to use when cutting old railway sleepers is the chipper chain.

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April 26, 2014
Category: Hints & Tips

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