How do I know if the tungsten tipped saw is good quality?


The price of the blade is determined by the quality of the tungsten tip and also the quality of the steel in the saw blade.

There are several types of grades of tungsten tips. The tips are made up of many particles of tungsten. The type of tungsten tip that would be on a portable circular saw blade that is purchased cheaply at the hardware shop is a coarse grit tungsten tip. The coarse grit tungsten tip has less particles of tungsten in the tip. This is what makes the tip cheap to manufacture and the blade cheaper to purchase. The downside to making a cheap tip is it does not hold its cutting edge for very long. That is why the blade seems to go blunt quickly. 

The more expensive tungsten tip has many more particles of tungsten which enables the cutting edge to stay sharper for a longer period of time.  Higher quality saw steel is used in a more expensive blade which helps to keep the blade straight. This blade is more expensive to purchase but would stay sharper for longer and would suit you if you are doing a lot of cutting or precision cutting.


October 18, 2013

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