New Product- Starrett Ulti-Mate Hole Saw Arbor System

by The Saw Doctor

Starrett Ulti-Mate Rapid Release Arbor System
Starett Ulti-Mate system allows for super fast tool free changes between hole saws of different diameters and types as well as easier core ejection!

Starrett Ulti-Mate offers super fast, tool free changes between different diameters of hole saw, without adjustment of the drill chuck.  Removal of cores from a hole saw after a cut is also much improved by the rapid release of the hole saw from the arbor.  It works using adaptors and a lock in system.

How to use the Ulti-Mate Rapid Release Arbor:

Attaching a Hole Saw - Diagram 1  
Screw the appropriate adaptor on to the hole saw and push the hole saw and adaptor down the drill. (1) When the hole saw and adaptor can be pushed no further, turn the hole saw and the collar will click on.(2)

Locking a Hole Saw - Diagram 2 
To lock a hole saw on to the Ulti-Mate, turn the collar on the arbor so that the arrow on the base of the arbor and the arrow on the collar are not aligned. (1) This will then lock the saw and the arbor together, ensuring the hole saw cannot be accidentally released whilst drilling. 

Releasing a Hole Saw - Diagram 3 
To release the hole saw, align the arrow on the collar and the arrow on the base of the arbor (1) and pull the collar back (2). The saw will then be released. The release is spring loaded so please take care when releasing the saw!

Re-using the Hole Saw Adaptors - Diagram 4 
Once the hole saw has come to the end of its useful life, the adaptors can be reused, even if intensive use has resulted in the adaptors becoming very firmly attached to the hole saw. Place the complete assembly in a vice, using the flats on either side of the arbor to hold the assembly still. (1) The used hole saw can then be unscrewed from the adaptor using a pair of grips or similar tool. 

Click on the Video to check out the Starrett Ulti-Mate system:  
The Starrett Ulti-Mate is available in the following sizes: 

A3 - Ultii-Mate Hole saw arbor with pilot drill. (9.5mm shank suits both 10mm & 13mm drill chuck).

A3-6 -Ulti-Mate Hole saw Arbor with pilot drill and one of each of the standard hole saw adaptors.

A3-3 -Three Ulti-Mate Hole saw adaptors, suitable for hole sawsfrom 14-30mm.

A3-4 -Three Ulti-Mate Hole saw adaptors, suitable for hole saws from 32mm - 102mm

A3-5 -Ulti-Mate Hole saw adaptor, suitable for heavy duty cutting on large diameter hole saws 102mm and greater.

A014M - Replacement Pilot Drill


June 17, 2015

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