Portable Mill Blade Sharpening


I was asked a question the other day about what type of blade do I sharpen that is challenging?

My answer was the Portable Mill Blade.

The reason for this is that the blade has only four to six teeth on the blade and it has to be sharpened precisely.

The portable mill is used for sawing a log into flitches or sawn boards depending upon your needs.

The portable mill blade is direct driven by a four stroke petrol engine. The blade is mounted directly onto the shaft of the motor. The motor is mounted in a frame and the frame then fits onto a rail system. The frame and rail system is built around the diameter of the log that is to be sawn.

What is hard about sharpening this type of blade?

The sharpening of this type of blade has to be precise as there is fine tolerances as all parts of the cutting tooth have to be exact. If the blade is not sharpened properly, the problems that arise from a incorrectly sharpened blade are then magnified, which leads to other problems, like extra strain being put on the motor, which then leads onto tracking problems on the rail system.

The four critical factors of the blade are:

  1. The tension in the saw has to be correct, so the saw will cut in a straight line.

  2. The side clearance on the tooth has to be equal on both sides of the saw, so the blade does not flex to the high side of the blade which will leave a wave pattern in the board.

  3. The outside diameter is not under the minimum diameter. If the blade is under the minimum diameter, the vertical cut and horizontal cut will not meet each other, which will leave a lip, making it hard to pull the length of timber out of the way.

  4. The grinding angles on the tooth are correct. If these angles are not correct it can cause the blade to heat up which will pull the tension out of the blade, therefore causing the blade to wander in the cut leaving a wave and unevenness in the board thickness from one end to the other.

Click here to see the Portable Mill Blade in action!


July 20, 2012

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