Ready Your Chainsaw for Summer



It's the end of winter for another year - time to pack the chainsaw away! Here's a handy hint.

If you're not planning to use your chainsaw for the next few months, empty the fuel out of the tank and start the chainsaw up to use what petrol is left in the carburetor. The reason for this is to help prolong the life of the diaphragm in the carburretor. Over the summer months the left over fuel sitting in the carburretor will evaporate leaving the oil on the diaphragm, this will then react to the rubber diaphragm and cause a belly to form on the diaphragm.  This stops the fuel from pumping from the petrol tank to the carburretor and come next winter when you try to start the chainsaw it won’t start. Bugger!!!




October 23, 2012
Category: Hints & Tips

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