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by The Saw Doctor

 The Saw Of The Year Award 2015


There were a few contenders who made the list this year.

The first contender is this incorrectly sharpened chainsaw chain.

This is how it looked before I sharpened it. 

The chainsaw chain tooth had been incorrectly sharpened, so the poor old tooth was struggling to bite into the timber.

All this tooth would have done, was burn the timber and empty the petrol tank faster than normal!

The second contender is the blade that was used for cutting aluminium. 
See how the tooth has broken off?  

This happened because the aluminium came loose in the vice while the saw was cutting through it. Oops!  

The third contender is from our last newsletter. 

This saw blade cut through a board with screws in it. All 48 saw blade teeth were smashed – every single one!
And this is why this saw blade deserves to be crowned, The Saw of the Year for 2015!
Until next time…happy cutting!


November 26, 2015
Category: Saw Tales

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