Saw Dust Causes All Sorts of Problems...


When you're changing the saw blade on your machine, before you put the saw back onto the machine always make sure the collars are clean before tightening the nut. Dust on the collars can cause the saw to tighten unevenly. This will cause the saw to wobble, which then causes the saw to chip the material that you are cutting. If you have just changed the blade and this is happening to you, just take the saw off and give both collars a wipe and replace the blade. Nine out of ten times this will solve the problem.

The same can be said for the CNC Tooling, especially when machining MDF, with the dust being like talcum powder and compacts in the tooling quite easily. I often come across this problem after the customer has put in a new spiral cutter, I’ll get a call saying that the cutters are chipping the board. My advice is ... just blow out the dust in the collet chuck, clean the morse taper and give the housing a bit of a blast with compressed air and Bob’s your uncle.

It does not matter whether it's your saw blade, CNC machine, bandsaw machine or even your chainsaw, the secret to trouble free running is CLEANLINESS.



July 5, 2012
Category: Hints & Tips

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