The Hog Tooth for Ripping Hardwood

by The Saw Doctor

If you are ripping a lot of hardwood a good tooth style to use is the Hog Tooth. The design of the tooth makes the tungsten tip stronger as it cuts it’s way along the grain of the timber, even when the grain is cranky. Using the Hog Tooth also limits the tungsten tip from chipping. Using this style of tooth makes the tip stay sharper, longer. This will extend the life of the saw, as there is less wear and chips on the tip, that have to be removed. 

The Hog Tooth has an alternate top bevel angle of 10º.  It's simliar to the regular alternate top bevel but the difference being there is a 30º bevel ground on the cutting tip of each alternate tooth.  This bevelled angle is 0.7mm wide - just enough to take the sharp cutting point off the tip. 

Should you be going to rip up some timber, give the Hog tooth a try. You will be thrilled with the cutting results. 

Saw blades don't come standard with this style of tooth shape. A standard alternate top bevel blade can be modified to the hog tooth without losing excessive amount of tungsten on the tip.  

If you’d like more information about the hog tooth, give the Saw Doctor a call.


March 8, 2015
Category: Hints & Tips

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