Precision Sharpening with Cutting Edge Saws CX Machine


World Class Sharpening and Equipment

At Cutting Edge Saws skills are kept as sharp as the blades using the best precision equipment, there is no overgrinding and we ensure the correct grinding angles to maximise the sharpness of each blade.

Unique Sharpening process

Most sharpening companies use quick and abrasive methods such as a wire wheel to remove the saw gum stuck on the sides of the blade teeth. This causes very small chips in the sides of the tungsten teeth - leading them to overgrind the blade to remove the chips.  This means more of the tungsten tip is removed than is normally required and therefore the blade wears out quicker and needs replacing sooner.  

At Cutting Edge Saws there is never any overgrinding. All saws are soaked overnight in our Saw Doctors "Special Solution" to remove the saw gum stuck on the sides of the blade teeth and body. We then give it a light scrub without damaging the teeth and rinse in clean water. The blade is then sharpened to remove normal wear only, giving you the most accurate and consistent sharpen!


All our machines are  from the world leading manufacturers. We invest in the leading saw sharpening manufacturing machines from Germany including “Vollmer”, “Schmidt Tempo” and “Loroch”  All sharpening and repair of the Tungsten tipped saw blades are carried out on the leading “Vollmer” brand machinery.  

Investing in top quality German machines and having precision machinery ensures we can give precision results for you, our customers.

Leading brands we sell

  • Carb-I-Tool Router Bits and Portable Saw Blades. 
  • AKE (made in Germany) - Industrial Saw blades for the woodworking industry including cabinetmakers, kitchen manufacturers, shopfitters, joiners etc.
  • Opteco (made in Australia) - Industrial Saw Blades for the woodworking industry. 
  • JSO (made in Germany) - Router bits and CNC Tooling - high end quality tooling for woodworking machinery. 
  • Excision Saw Blades  (made in Italy) - High Speed Steel Blades for the metal working industry. 
  • Rontgen Bandsaw Blades (made in Germany) Bimetal bandsaw blades for the metal working industry.
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