Sharpening Services

Cutting Edge Saws provide sharpening, maintenance and repair services for all types of saw blades, router bits and woodworking tools for industrial customers through to the home handyman. If the item you require to be sharpened is not listed please do not hesitate to contact us at Cutting Edge Saws on 02 9545 4379 to discuss your needs and we will do our absolute best to assist and advise you.

- Tungsten tipped circular saws
- Scoring saws
- Rip saws
- Crosscut saws
- Hollow face saws
- Beam saw sets
- Novelty saws
- Portable saw blades
- Aluminium saws
- Circular saws
- Tungsten tipped metal cutting saws
- High Speed Steel/Brobo circular saws
- Router bits
- Spiral cutters
- Planer Knives and Thicknesser blades 
- Chisels
- Holesaws
- Chainsaw chains
- Handsaws
- Bandsaw blades (over 3metres)
- Broaches/core drills
- Spindle cutters
- Biscuit cutters.

What happens to my blade when it visits the Saw Doctor?

When you book your blade in for a sharpen with the Saw Doctor at Cutting Edge Saws you know it will receive the following special treatment:

Your blades are first cleaned in a special solution to remove grime and built-up resins. The Tension of the blade is then checked, along with a check for damaged tips. The blade is then levelled and re-tensioned and damaged tips repaired if required. Your blade is sharpened on both face and tops of teeth.

Saw blades are sharpened according to manufacturer’s specifications to ensure they have the correct back clearance and the correct hook angle on the blade for optimum performance.  If these angles and clearances are not correct, the saw blade can feel blunt even though it has been sharpened as it is not gliding through the cutting, or the saw blade may feel very sharp but loses its edge very quickly as its cutting edge is chipping off.

No overgrinding, no cutting corners - we are not interested in a cheap job.
We take pride in a quality standard we put our name to.

Regular accurate sharpening will save you money

Your production costs can be affected by the costs associated with sharpening  or replacing blades and tooling bits.
Benefits of regular precision-consistent sharpening:

  • Longer blade life
  • No wasted or ruined materials
  • No wandering in the cut
  • Consistent cutting results
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Reduced risk of machine and/or operator damage
  • Save money on not having to replace the blades as often.
  • Save money on wear and tear of machine parts and tools.

During discussions and a cost analysis with a customer, we discovered they would save money by buying a blade better suited to the job and that making the change would reduce their sharpening costs! A cheap sharpen with the wrong type of blade or equipment can cost more in the long run when you consider all the facts.

With the right advice and the correct blade for the job that is regularly and correctly sharpened you can get on with business knowing your saws and tools are in top working order.

Call us on 02 9545 4379 to discuss your sharpening needs!

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