Alfra Tungsten Tipped Holesaw - Short series 5 piece set

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    TCT (Tungsten tipped) short series quality holesaw. Premium holesaws for sheet metal. For cutting holes in pipes, vaulted or profile surfaces, even weld seams, stainless steel up to 2mm thickness, mild steel up to 4mm thickness, non ferous metals, plastics, wood up to 12mm. Maximum depth of cut 12mm. Holesaw has a tapered centre drill eliminating centre punching. Holesaw can be re sharpened.

    TCT short series 5 holesaw set includes 1 x 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm and 40mm tungsten tipped holesaws in a heavy duty plastic case.

    Goods deliver between 2-5 business days. Allow up to 7 days for remote areas.

    TCT Short series 5 tct holesaw set.


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