What is a Saw Doctor? Cutting Edge Saws: What is a Saw Doctor?

A Saw Doctor sharpens and repairs saw blades and cutting tools. To become a qualified Saw doctor you must complete a 4 year apprenticeship course. Graeme Wardrop from Cutting Edge Saws is one of the only qualified Saw Doctors in Sydney, Australia.  In 1987 he was awarded Apprentice of the Year for Saw Doctoring and also given an award for Outstanding Achievement above all apprentices in NSW.  In 1993 he gained a Diploma of Technical Teaching and taught the Saw Doctoring course for 6 years at NSW TAFE before starting his own saw sharpening business, that is now Cutting Edge Saws.

 “I’ve always been passionate about Saw Doctoring and striving to give my customers the best results” - Graeme

Graeme loves what he does and has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to pretty much everything saw related! Below are links to some interesting facts, useful tip and of course some funny stories about saws, blades and sharpening from the Saw Doctor himself!


Are you using the right blade for the material being cut?

Circular Saw black eye..Have you ever had one?

About Circular Saw Tension

Do you know the difference between an aluminium and timber cutting circular saw blade?


Perhaps there is something troubling you about your blades or you need some advice on the right type of blade for a job..?
Just ask the Saw Doctor and he will be more than happy to help!

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