In the business of Saw Sharpening for over 35 years

Cutting Edge Saws is owned and run by Graeme and Santina Wardrop, we are passionate about providing the best quality sharpening and service to our customers on time every time. Established in 1994 as Cronulla Caringbah Saw Sharpening (CCSS) our expert advice, top quality workmanship and reliable on time delivery has seen us grow into one of Sydney’s leading saw sharpening companies.

Reflecting the growth and continued success of the company Cronulla Caringbah Saws has changed its’ name to Cutting Edge Saws, continuing to provide the best advice, best service and best product nationwide with the support of a new website with online store capabilities.

Sharpest in the business: Our Expertise 

With more than 35yrs experience in the trade, Graeme Wardrop is one of the only qualified Saw Doctor’s in Sydney. He achieved Apprentice of the year in 1987, gained a Diploma of Technical Teaching in 1993 and taught Saw-Doctoring at NSW TAFE for 6 years prior to starting Cronulla Caringbah Saw Sharpening. 


“I’ve always been passionate about Saw-Doctoring and striving to give my customers the best results.” Says Graeme


At Cutting Edge Saws skills are kept as sharp as the blades using the best precision equipment, there is no overgrinding and we ensure the correct grinding angles to maximise the sharpness of each blade.

Cutting Edge Vision – more than just a sharpen!

With a reputation built on outstanding service and quality sharpening, Cutting Edge Saws aim to provide the best sharpening and hassle free service so our customers can get on with their business knowing their tools are in top working order. We strive to advise on the best products suited to our customers’ needs and provide these at the best price. 

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